August 29, 2015

High School

Our Catholic high schools provide a great environment for the students to live, learn and grow as they prepare to embark on the journey to adulthood. At this critical point in their lives, a Catholic education filled with purpose and a strong sense of direction can lift their self confidence so that they become the achievers we know they can be. Our high schools provide a rigorous study environment to help the students truly grasp the concepts which are important foundations for their success in college and throughout life. Our schools present activities to expand a child’s passion for life and the knowledge that a community of positive individuals can make a difference. The Catholic high schools in the archdiocese boast nationally recognized sports programs, remarkable visual and performing arts departments and many other amazing extracurricular activities. Our schools provide faith filled and God centered programs that allow our students to connect to their faith and school on a much higher level. No matter what a student’s interests are, there is a Catholic school which provides that program. A student enrolled at a Catholic high school has a better chance at graduating and succeeding in life. We pride ourselves on a positive environment, encouraged and guided studies, and the success of our students at school, throughout their years in college and in life. An education through the Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is the best choice for positive change and forward momentum in any student!


Catholic high schools in the archdiocese meet and exceed the state and national standards for education. Our graduation rate is 98% and our college acceptance rates are much higher than the average school throughout the state. We also meet the “A to G” requirements for admission to the University of California (UC) Schools. Our schools offer the competitive programs, like Honors and AP courses, which help students become a sought-after asset for any college.

Faith Formation & Spiritual Life

An important and inspiring aspect of Catholic education is the connection to our faith. High schools throughout the archdiocese offer programs in Campus Ministry, Christian Leadership and Service, Faith Formation, Bible Study and Youth Ministry. These important programs teach the students their connection to our faith and their community through Masses, prayer groups and community programs like food bank and clothing collections for local nonprofits and national disaster relief. The strong connection to faith that the students develop through our schools guides them towards using their gifts and education in the service of others for a better world.


Our athletic programs are held in high esteem around the country as we continue to succeed in pushing athletic ability to new heights. Our schools have amazing athletic facilities to host these remarkable sports programs for girls and boys throughout their education. We provide a range of sports including Football, Basketball, Baseball and Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Water Polo, Cross Country, Track and Field, Golf, Tennis, Wrestling, Swimming, Field Hockey, Lacrosse and many more. The students can find a sport that they can enjoy and a positive team of individuals to join.

Visual & Performing Arts

Our arts departments for many of our high schools are just as diverse, remarkable and award winning. Catholic high schools include many different types of music ensembles such as Marching Band, Orchestra, Jazz Bands and Choir. The theater department holds plays and musicals throughout the year. Cheer, Dance, Short Flags and Color Guard programs are available in several of our high schools. Our fine arts programs may include an array of classes in painting, drawing, sculpting, photography and set design. All of these programs come together to build incredible productions that are family treasured memories which the whole community can enjoy.

Extra Curricular Activities & Parent Organizations

An astounding amount of programs and activities are available to the students and their parents through our Catholic high schools. Student government, Academic Decathlon, Journalism and Yearbook, and even Robotics are some other activities that our students benefit from. Catholic schools also pride themselves on the amazing support from the parents of our accomplished students. Our schools offer programs so the parents get can become involved through the community service and volunteer opportunities, PTO, Parent Board, Booster Club and our Mother’s and Father’s Clubs. Catholic schools build a better community and strengthen families through the programs that bring us together in support of the children.

The Catholic High Schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have activities and programs that anyone can enjoy and learn from. Come build a stronger passion for life through a stellar curriculum, a deep faith-filled spiritual life program and the large variety of activities at a Catholic High School!