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Empowering Minds Igniting Hearts

Student taking pencils from the teacher container in a classroom

We believe

that excellence builds bright futures.

Since 1851, Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have been committed to educating, inspiring, and supporting our students within a vibrant, Christ-centered community. With more than 245 schools in three counties, we're proud to be the largest Catholic school system in the United States. Our students learn passionately, serve faithfully, and grow toward their highest potential.

Why Choose Catholic Schools?

welcoming community

Community is a focal point of the daily experience at a Catholic school, allowing children to feel more positive, supported, and confident in their ability to excel and relate to others.

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Student smiling arm in arm
Teacher reading a book to a student
Five students standing arm to arm outside of school building

spiritual development

Rooted in the Catholic faith, our schools emphasize strong Christian values and moral development. We welcome every child, regardless of their faith background, to our schools.

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Two students in uniform at mass
Child praying
Students singing along to written music

academic excellence

Each of our accredited schools provides a rigorous and dynamic education for our students, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need in our highly competitive world.

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Students conducting a science experiment
Classroom of students completing work at individual desks
Teacher helping a student write

innovative school models

Our network of innovative school models reflects our commitment to providing exciting, future-focused, and diverse learning environments for our students.

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STEM classroom of students with teacher
Students using microscopes in class
Students setting a table in a play house

affordable tuition

Catholic schools are among the lowest cost school options when compared to other private schools and are committed to serving all students, regardless of financial circumstances.

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Students lined up in the parking lot with adults
Older student helping younger student button his shirt
Students working together on an assignment at a table

Belong. Believe. Become.







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Laura smiling in an office

By the Numbers

Our schools are caring communities that support students in every aspect of their growth to help them achieve success and build positive futures.


Years of Catholic Education


Number of Catholic Schools in ADLA


Number of Enrolled Students


Tuition Assistance Annually


catholic students

We believe

every student can discover their God‑given gifts.

Our schools provide opportunities that go beyond academics, offering extensive extracurricular options. We believe such opportunities develop the whole person, cultivate new interests, and help to unlock the talents of our students. Each school offers a unique array of programs for its student body.


High School football game

Our elementary and high schools offer numerous athletic programs that encourage participants to explore their talents while developing leadership skills, teamwork, and physical fitness.

The Arts

Theater students performing on stage

Students of all ages are given the opportunity to explore a full spectrum of arts activities and classes, which cultivate their talents, facilitate self-expression, and instill self-confidence.


Students involved in mass from altar services to choir memberes

Catholic high schools and elementary schools offer students several ministerial opportunities that strengthen their relationship with God and with one another.


Robotics club students building a robot

Clubs give students the opportunity to become involved outside of the classroom and facilitate friendship-building and a wider sense of community.

Student Leadership

High school students speaking at a podium

Student government develops qualities and skills – such as responsibility, project management, and leadership – that will serve students throughout their education and career.

Explore our schools

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

We believe

in empowering students to fulfill their life's purpose.

We welcome all students, both Catholic and non-Catholic, to experience the beauty and richness of our communities. Visit one of our schools today and discover all of the ways a Catholic education can provide a lifetime of rewards for your student.

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Santa Barbara County

  • 6 Elementary Schools
  • 2 High Schools

Ventura County

  • 12 Elementary Schools
  • 4 High Schools

LA County:

Santa Clarita Valley

  • 1 Elementary School

LA County:

Antelope Valley

  • 2 Elementary Schools
  • 1 High School

LA County:

Gateway Cities

  • 48 Elementary Schools
  • 1 Middle School
  • 7 High Schools

LA County:

Central Los Angeles

  • 19 Elementary Schools
  • 1 Middle School
  • 4 High Schools

LA County:

San Gabriel Valley

  • 38 Elementary Schools
  • 2 Middle School

LA County:

San Fernando Valley

  • 12 Elementary Schools
  • 1 Middle School
  • 5 High Schools

LA County:

Westside Cities

  • 15 Elementary Schools
  • 4 High Schools

LA County:

South Bay

  • 18 Elementary Schools
  • 4 High Schools