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The Arts

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles understand that developing artistic gifts is an essential part of a student’s education and overall growth. 

Therefore, the arts are integrated within both curricular and extracurricular activities in keeping with their holistic approach to education. 

They also teach students to respond creatively to life experiences, discover new ways of expressing themselves, and instill confidence as they are challenged with new abilities, experiences, and disciplines.

In both elementary and high school, students are given the opportunity to explore a full spectrum of art activities and classes. Whether singing in the school choir at Mass, learning a musical instrument, exploring painting or ceramics, performing in a play or musical, dancing in a recital, or marching in the school band, students of all ages will discover an array of artistic and musical offerings at schools across the Archdiocese. 

Elementary student band practice
Theater students performing on stage

Through the visual and performing arts, students develop a deeper awareness of God’s creation, gain a new appreciation for the beauty of the world, and expand their understanding of heritage and culture.Each of our Catholic schools offers something unique and interesting to their students. Because individual schools manage their own arts programs, we encourage you to explore what is available at your school of interest.