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Dual Language Immersion

Dual language students in front of winter sign

Dual Language Immersion elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are innovative learning communities where students learn to become biliterate, mastering core academic content and skills in two languages.   

Students are taught core subjects (math, science, history, language arts, religion) in both English and a partner language. Over the course of several years, students gain full language proficiency. In doing so, students not only become biliterate, they develop communication skills, empathy, cultural understanding, and the ability to embrace differences within a learning model that celebrates culture and language.

Our teachers create an intimate class environment which encourages high quality interactions between students and instructors. Teachers develop the whole person, not just academics. We currently offer 10 schools that offer English/Spanish and one school offering English/Mandarin.

Since the earliest days of the Catholic Church, the faith has been spoken in many languages. We are called to serve our global community, making fluency in multiple languages an essential skill.


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We are so proud to see that our son has become fully fluent in both English and Spanish. We are amazed by how well he can read, write, sing, pray, and speak with an authentic accent despite having no Spanish background in the family. Christine Maalouf
Parent, Saint sebastian school

Students coloring outside during class
Students working in a computer classroom
Students holding hands and speaking with each other
Student wearing student council sweater in class
Students reading books in different places in the classroom
Elementary students standing in a group
Class of students outside holding hulahoops
Students playing with a basketball on the playground
Dual Language students participating in an all school activity

Dual Language Immersion students gain:

  • Increased sense of global citizenship
  • Competitive edge in schools, outperforming English-only learners
  • Improved executive brain functions such as focus, planning, and creativity
  • Improved brain power for cognitive and critical thinking
  • Increased connection to family history and values
  • Stronger applications when seeking higher education
  • More job opportunities and increased earnings over their lifetime
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