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Microschools Network

Learn the ways our new Microschool model is helping students thrive in smaller, multi-grade classrooms with more specialized instruction.

Our new Microschools Network offers learning environments that are small by design, with multi-age pedagogy, blended learning, and a whole child approach.

With an emphasis on differentiated instruction, students benefit from personalized learning paths and participate in small, teacher-led learning stations and workshop models.

Learning spaces are designed for specialized learning within mixed age groups. Students have access to online, adaptive curriculum for math and reading including IXL, Khan Academy, IReady Math, and reading. In addition, programs are offered in the arts, physical education, and gardening along with other outdoor learning experiences, including field trips. 

Through its partnerships with Inclusion Solutions, Inc. and the Greeley Center of Loyola University, Chicago, the Microschool Network ensures teachers have access to long-term coaching, modeling of best practices, inclusive teaching practices, and the latest research on effective, multi-age curriculum and instruction. 

Our Microschools Network includes Precious Blood School (Rampart Village), St. Teresa of Avila (Silver Lake), and St. Athanasius (Long Beach). 

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The intimate setting of a microschool allows for more personalized attention, fostering a deep connection between teachers and students and creating an environment where my son feels seen and valued.  bernice Bernardo
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