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Preschool student in a classroom

Preschools within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are safe, caring, and structured environments where exploration, creative activity, and play are promoted as essential avenues of learning. 

Emphasis is placed on language and math development, socialization, motor skills, arts and crafts, music, and spirituality. In addition, students are taught personal responsibility, care and respect for others, cooperation and communication skills, emotional flexibility, resilience, and problem-solving. 

We believe in the full development of the human person, including the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical aspects. Our youngest generations are looking to trusted adults to help them discover a sense of purpose and meaning, and our educators launch our preschool students on a pathway to success.

These skills equip our youngest learners with a foundation for future success in TK, kindergarten, and throughout elementary school.

Preschool students building at a table

Preschool teachers are specialists in presenting developmentally-appropriate lessons and concepts in keeping with their commitment to cultivating the whole child.

Preschool student pointing to his artwork hanging in the hallway
Preschool students hugging in the classroom
Preschool students playing soccer
Preschool student smiling with parent